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A girl from Louisiana girl in LA🌴 who is Genetically GiftedπŸ™ƒ Lindsey Pelas sharing her reviews on #Iam1stPhorm Products If your a fan for Lindsey Pelas follow her on instagram @lindseypelas
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Still 75 and sunny in West Hollywood, California. Perfect day to be outside 🌴The best part about an outdoor workout for me is usually, the privacy. Whether a hike or run, I can go at my pace because I'm not packing into a room of people who I think are (but probably aren't) looking at me while I workout. . . I think if you're looking to get fit for a New Year's resolution- getting a head start now is a great idea. You can take it slow and at your own pace with an outdoor walk, hike or run. You can also prepare by stocking up on your favorite supplements. One of mine is my @1stPhorm apple juice flavored BCAA I like to sip throughout my workouts. Helps with recovery from workouts and muscle growth. You don't have to wait until the 1st to start treating your body right. Get outdoors and get started today ☀️ #1stphorm πŸ’ͺ🏽
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Okay so I worked at Hooters (lol obviously) and it was a blast. My final year of working there I was in college at LSU where I was practicing aerial silks 3 times a week, working out 7 days a week and dance training over the weekend. So when the bikini contest rolled around my senior year, knowing it'd be the last one I did, I decided- I'm going to get a SIX PACK. Everyone thought I was full of shit, but 6 weeks out I started eating clean and training hard. I followed my bodybuilder friends diets, read every single nutritional label on every single thing I ate. I was incredibly strict and never cheated. . . I didn't win the contest, but I got my six pack and it was so fun being so disciplined and accomplishing something and seeing my body change. . . I know a lot of people can write me off, "what does this girl know about fitness?" But I look how I want to look now. Lean and toned it's my overall desire and I'm super happy this way. But don't get it twisted- I've done the crazy diets before and I know what I'm doing. . . The photo on the right is my stomach the day after my bikini contest after I ate a ton of carbs I hadn't had in weeks. I still think it's insane I did that but it was one thing I'm still super proud I was able to pull off. . . I love @1stPhorm because they recognize athleticism and fitness goals of different types of people. The dads trying to get in shape, the new mothers recovering from childbirth, body builders... all hold a place of value with #1stPhorm and that's something I really admire. . . Hope you enjoyed my little story :) swipe right for the ab pic circa like 2013. Haha. This morning's workout powered by V2Megawatt per usual. Energy and focus to keep hyped up for to beat the laziness and last throughout the entire class. (Also let me just note pilates is hard as fuck if you're doing it right) πŸ˜…πŸ’ͺ🏽 that's all. :) xoxo
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Good morning! ☀️All I really want in life is to wake up and not have to get myself ready. Seriously I don't want cars or mansions, but if I could have bomb glam every morning that would be enough πŸ’…πŸ½... until then, I'm stuck solo most days. The easiest way for me to feel great is having good hair, skin and nails. Vitamin-intake of biotin and folic acid have been a part of my routine for years. I love that @1stPhorm included this when designing a multivitamin specifically for women. (They designed one specifically for men too) Both are amazing for maximizing energy, boosting immune system and keeping you on track with your vitamin-intake. Beauty starts from the inside in more ways than one. Check out M-Factor Goddess and M-Factor Hero at ✨ πŸ˜— #1stphorm #abstho #ayeeee
Took my main squeeze on an afternoon hike. We always have fun getting a little exercise and Vitamin D. 🐢☀️ . Another way I make sure to get my vitamin D in is through my @1stPhorm M-Factor. It's a pharmaceutical multivitamin designed specifically for a woman's body. . I love that it includes folic acid and biotin which are great for hair, nails and skin AND a superfood antioxidant complex that includes things like wheatgrass, ginger, garlic and many more. . . Health and beauty starts on the inside! Check out the full list of ingredients and the M-Factor for men on ✨ #1stphorm
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Booty building in the kitchen with the help of @1stPhorm protein!. . For an easy afternoon snack I blended some frozen berries , a little bit of almond milk and a scoop of my Level 1 Vanilla Ice Cream flavored protein. . It's a super quick and easy treat that helps to curb my appetite while giving me the essentials to build muscle. . Besides tasting amazing, I also find having this protein in my house is cost-efficient. Making my own protein shake everyday saves me the stop to all the spots in Los Angeles that are usually around 8 bucks and have products that I've never heard of and calorie counts I can't control. All of that can really add up ➕➖πŸ’Έ It's a no brainer for me. 🀷🏼‍♀️Efficiency is key. πŸ”‘ #1stphorm
Serving pigtails and protein shakes this morning in the Pelas household πŸ₯›πŸ‘§πŸΌ the weekend hasn't meant a day off in a while and I'm off to another shoot before I got celebrate a few of my favorite Scorpios' birthdays tonight! I love the versatility of my @1stphorm Phormula 1 protein. I can blend with some fruit for a shake, mix with some eggs for an easy pancake or just add some almond milk and ice for an easy breakfast. Besides the obvious muscle building benefits, it really keeps my ass energized through the whole day. Bye bye coffee ✌🏽Hello energy. #1stphorm #legionofboom
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Rare footage of someone not getting swept up in the laziness of daylight's savings time. Can you tell I don't like it yet? 🀦🏼‍♀️🀦🏼‍♀️ The 4:30 pm sunset yesterday was reallllllllllly close to having me binge watch the housewives and go to sleep at 9:30 BUT I took half a scoop of @1stphorm v2 megawatt preworkout and I made it to the gym instead πŸ’ͺ🏽 I still watched the housewives (obviously) but after a nice little abs and ass workout πŸ˜… sometimes all you need is a little boost! #1stphorm #fuckdaylightsavings What are you working out today?? πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
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I came on my roof to do a little yoga and some guy was staring at me yelling "baby." I thought to myself... how dare this motherfuc*er "baby" me while I'm out here trying to zen myself. LOL Even though he was looking completely at me, it turned out there was an actual baby up there somewhere. I was so ready to let him know whats up. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ–•πŸ½πŸ˜‚ . . Truth is I'm a little irritable today. Everything and everyone are pissing me off. Even Tosh (my pup) found and ate a Ferrero Rocher today. So now he's on my πŸ’©list too. (Literally) . . It's completely normal for men and women to have irritable days. The trick is: recognizing it. The only job you really have when you're irritated is to not take it out on people who don't deserve it. Do a little yoga, take a stroll, eat all the Ferrero Rochers before your sneaky little dog does. 🐢😩😭 . Yoga is one of my favorite things to do on an active recovery (and bad mood) day. On a non-training day I like to sip my 1stPhorm BCAA throughout the day. Increases recovery ✔️ promotes protein synthesis ✔️ supports muscle growth ✔️ Tomorrow I'll wake up in a better mood and ready to get to it πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ (but plz pray for Tosh bc that situation is still to be determined lol) 😭 #1stphorm check out the MANY delish BCAA flavors at πŸ‘…
Just finished up a gentle workout in my home gym. I love functional floor work on days I need to take it a little slower. 😌🚢🏼‍♀️ * * I had the craziest schedule last week with days starting at 4 and ending nearly 24 hours later. I am soooo thankful and excited to have so much going on but my body is really exhausted. πŸ˜… * * @1stPhorm Adrenal Restore is my go-to for busy times like this. It's made with a combination of vitamins and herbs that don't just mask the feelings of adrenal fatigue but fixes it at it's source. So much smarter and effective than an energy drink or sugar-filled coffee. I'm hooked. 😝😝 #1stphorm #adrenalrestore
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Forgive me if I look tired but building a booty from scratch is nottttt easy. I've upped my weight-training days and shifted from functional, workout classes to more personal training and gym days. My booty is definitely workkkinggggg. I used to be SO into building my glutes but I was into it right around the booty craze a few years ago. I remember people commenting to me (and literally every other girl with a natural booty) to "do squats." Lol. Literally none of these people were in shape and none had an idea what squats did or what it's like to build solely from diet and exercise. I'm noticing now though, at least on the internet, people really seem to be more appreciative of different body types and I think there's a WAY better understanding of glutes/booty size and different body types in general. Bums to me are a lot like boobs- all different kinds but all equally fab! 😍 All of my booty workouts are fueled by @1stphorm V2 megawatt preworkout. More energy, more mental focus and more muscle endurance so having no energy to train is no excuse. #1stphorm
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I got my first gym membership in college after a boy broke my heart. Originally I thought 1. Maybe I'll run into him here LOL 2. Maybe I'll run into some other hott guys here - also LOL 3. I can study my notes on the elliptical and have an Elle Woods moment........... πŸ€“ literally none of these things ever happened. BUTTT I did start getting over my breakup. I found a place I could be distracted, play filthy music in my ear and run around sweating out all my life's aggravations. I've worked out consistently at a gym ever since, it's been about 5 years. Exercise is the best, natural euphoria you can gift yourself. Aside from obvious cosmetic and health benefits, exercise is an opportunity for "me time," self-reflection and an escape from the world 🌎 whether you're stressed at work, heartbroken or need a study break- The gym (or park, or yoga class etc) is a good idea. πŸ™ƒ I've been hitting the gym a little harder lately and my @1stphorm BCAA is my drink of choice throughout my workout. It helps repair my muscles faster and keep my workouts tougher. Less downtime means more "me-time" :) check it out at #1stphorm #breakupworkoutsarethebest #whatwouldellewoodsdo #bendandsnap
TFW you crushed your week and made every minute count πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Did you do the best you could this week? * I've been SO motivated lately to make my dreams come true. There are so many brands I dream of working with, shows I want to be on and products I want to create! I'm so lucky that I get to live in the perfect place to make these things happen. This week I've made every minute count. Working out, editing, photoshoots, furnishing my place, meetings. The last few nights I could barely keep my eyes open at 11pm and that kind of tired made me proud. I want to wake up everyday and exhaust myself reaching my goals ✨ * I love being a part of the @1stphorm Phamily. The network of motivated, successful people has @andyfrisella has created has rubbed off on me in the most positive way. This influencer has officially been influenced hahaha. #1stphorm
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Staying on track even on the weekends πŸ˜…πŸ˜… it's easy to get lost doing fun things when everyone's off work... multiply that by 4000x when you're living in LA where summer never seems to end 🌴Honestly, there are parties every single second here. There's always a brunch, a birthday or some can't-miss concert that is happening. I get wrapped in the fun really easily. After all- I'm from Louisiana. πŸ₯‚ What I like about @1stphorm protein shakes during the day is that I can keep my body and diet on a regular schedule no matter what the weekend brings! It keeps me energized, full and my metabolism in check in ways I can't even describe ;) I highly recommend the vanilla ice cream flavor with some almond milk for a nice afternoon, diet-friendly snack 😘 #1stphorm
The early bird gets the worm... and a nice butt ;) πŸ›πŸ‘I am trying to stick to my early bird goals after moving to the new place so I woke up early to get a hike in before I got to the rest of my schedule. Late nights and earlier mornings on top of moving all my things has left me feeling pretty groggy and not into it in the mornings. I love having my @1stPhorm Adrenal Restore on hand to keep me energized on the in-between days I'm adjusting my schedule. It helps to optimize my natural energy levels and reduces any physical/mental stress. Sounds like the perfect remedy for a sleep asss princess between the hours of 5am-11am hahahahaha. I'm getting there ;) #legionofboom #1stphorm
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Fighting the urge to caption this "Lindsey Pelas sitting in a tree B-C-A-A-I-N-G" but here we are. Haha on a real note it's a beautiful fall day for a hike and a sweat πŸƒ πŸ‚ * * I love to drink my @1stphorm BCAA apple juice throughout a strenuous workout. BCAA's are the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine that help preserve your storage of glycogen- your muscle's main fuel for energy. Your body can't produce them on its own, so they have to come from your diet (or workout supplements.) In a nutshell they will help you workout harder, recover faster and sustain more muscle. BCAA is foolproof way of getting the most out of your workouts. Find flavors like apple juice, lemonade and more at πŸ™ƒπŸ’ͺ🏽 #1stphorm
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Rare footage of Lindsey Ramsey in the kitchen. I whipped up a little afternoon snack and made some protein pancakes with my @1stphorm Level 1 Vanilla ice cream protein πŸ₯ž It took about 5 minutes to prepare and make. I like to keep it simple with 2 ingredients: eggs and protein! It's a quick and to-the-point snack that doesn't make me feel guilty. A stack of regular pancakes would have me in a food coma an hour, but a light protein pancake helps give me more energy while satisfying a craving for something sweet πŸ€—✨ the level 1 also has over 5 grams of BCAA per scoop and is rich in glutamine further making #1stphorm protein the best I've ever tried! Check it out with the other yummy flavors like Caramel Latte and Cinnamon cookie batter at
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Just finished my first workout of the day! On training days I take my @1stPhorm M-Factor Goddess once in the morning and once in the afternoon- my favorite multivitamin made for women πŸ•΅πŸΌ‍♀️πŸ‘©πŸΎ‍⚕️πŸ‘©πŸ»‍πŸ«πŸ‘©πŸ½‍🍳 * Was pretty disheartened, yet unsurprised to see another episode of body shaming in the news today. This time, 53 year old Wendy Williams in a bikini. (Sidenote: don't watch, care, give af if you think criticism is deserved etc.) I am personally, trying to live a life where criticizing other women's looks is off limits. Down to my worst enemies, I would be disappointing myself when I criticized someone for their appearance over their character. It's shallow, it's toxic and for women: every single way we look is unwinnable. Fake, real, short, thin, fat, strong etc. By giving in to that kind of behavior, I'm perpetuating its okayness and it's not okay. SO I try as hard as I can to not say "bitch," classify things as "slutty" and I certainly don't feel comfortable calling people fat or ugly. I mess up once in a while... and "bitch" is in most of my fave songs 😭 but I'm getting there lol * I love working for a company shares an appreciation of women enough to create a products specifically for us. (There's an M-Factor for guys too ;) ) The inclusiveness is a breath of fresh air in the fitness world #1stphorm #women #ifwecelebratedadbods #letscelebratemombods ✨πŸ™πŸ»
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Pretty sure it's officially the longest (and hottest) Tuesday of the year. πŸ˜… . . I have the worsttttttt problem with waking up early. I'm not a morning person and my energy always tends to naturally peak around 11pm... right around the time you can't do anything productive. (Except eat pizza, talk about aliens/apocalypse until you cry and dance in your underwear)... πŸ‘½I've found I've had a lot of luck with dedicated time to the gym in my morning routine, instead of getting to it at the end. It keeps my day in a positive direction and it's something I know I have to get done, so now I do it first and I've been loving it. . . I take half a scoop of my @1stPhorm v2 Megawatt preworkout and drink it with some water on my way to the gym. It gives me a lot of energy and focus to make the most out of my morning workout and helps me remain driven throughout the day πŸ€‘ I doubt I'll ever convert to a full morning person... but for now, this is making it a whole lot easier. πŸ™πŸ»☀️ #1stphorm #legionofboom #preworkoutsaveslives #toshhatesmorningstoo available at ✨
Beach days are the best days! 🌴🌴 . . I brought a 1stPhorm Orange Dreamsickle shake for a healthy snack after playing on the beach. It's got 21g of protein in one scoop and it tastes like it should be illegal. πŸ‘… . One of my favorite parts about moving to California has definitely been the activeness! Spending the day at the beach yesterday, I saw people of all ages being getting a workout in. Kids on volleyball teams were right next to seniors riding their bikes along the coast. I loved seeing how active adults are here and how they set an example for the children around them! . I think as adults, we have a responsibility to set impressions, because kids are watching even when we don't notice. When I grew up, activeness wasn't always promoted. I have many close friends who have struggled with weight for years, with issues that began during their childhood. Today, American children are facing an epidemic. 1 in 5 has obesity, triple the number from the 1970's and this puts children at risk for chronic illness, disease etc. . So aside from cosmetic value, feeling great, looking great, being active helps to set a great social standard! Seeing active adults unconsciously creates positive ideas and values in those around us- kids and adults alike. What could be better than that? 🀷🏼‍♀️ . . #1stPhorm #legionofboom ✨
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Happy Saturday 🌴☀️ * * Started my morning with a swim and tan. I love sipping on my @1stphorm BCAA, especially on days I go to the gym. BCAAs can help promote muscle growth and reduce muscle soreness after you exercise. They also help minimize muscle loss and promote fat burning. I'm shifting to a little more strength training lately so giving my body the best I can is important. PS: the green apple is my favorite flavor! You can find it and the others at ✨ * * And yasss I'm going to the gym on a Saturday. Have a great weekend! πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ


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