Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds Under 1000

Free Runner Perfect Best Budget Bluetooth Earbuds

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Being a traveler I carry one spare budget friendly earphones in my backpack. List of Cheap Earphone Brands: Some Earphones That Are Perfect For You.
Indeed there are a lot of very cheap earbuds out there, but how do you pick the perfect cheap earbuds for you without compensating for perfect quality? Well, first off, you should look at the product name first. It’s no fluke that some products really offer better sound quality, only at a higher price range, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get the best out of your money.
Listed below are some cool earphone brands that you may have heard of that offer really cheap earbuds with astounding audio quality and extended durability all in one:

Sony Budget Bluetooth Earbuds – Sony, as a brand, is best known for their impeccable drum sets, and that should only add more to their credibility as sound masters. Earbuds really suck with bass tones, but Sony can offer rich and warm bass sounds with very little effort. If you are an audiophile, you can tell that Sony earbuds sometimes completely lack mid-range tones, but that’s okay because Sony earbuds are known for being a perfect fit for ears everywhere, which is very important if you want to listen to your music free from outside interference.

Skullcandy Best on Budget – The Skullcandy earbuds brand is by far the cheapest among the list of cheap earbuds on the market. Their best earbud product, however, is something the people from skullcandy themselves do not actually call an “earphone” – they call it an “in-ear headphones”. They call it as such because these in-ear headphones actually have a built-in microphone in them, which is pretty cool for such a small device. Not only that, if you own an iPhone, you can hit Play, Pause, Forward or Rewind your audio and video tracks from the 3-button controller of the earbuds itself! Sounds cool and amazing for a pair cheap earphones, doesn’t it?

Jogger Bluetooth Earbuds – Another most popular in the gym are joggers Best Budget Bluetooth EarbudsThe best thing about jogger is that they do know how to work the sound into the earbuds. It has a very pleasant bass, which is everything for an earphone. You can feel a very pleasant hammering sensation from the resonating bass, which is really good. Not only that, the balanced harmony from treble, bass and mid-range makes it a very appealing product. Add to that a charming, cutting-edge design, and you’ve got some really cool, value-for-money, cheap earphones.

Sennheiser Earphones – Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone (Black). If you are a workaholic, and you find yourself moving around too much, then Sennheisers are perfect for you. They just do fit so snugly to your ears, you won’t have a problem listening to music while you’re working or jogging. Plus the elaborate design makes the Sennheiser earbuds a lovely sight to look at. While not the cheapest of all cheap earphones, the Sennheiser is the only one that is meant to be worn in real-life conditions.

FreeSolo Budget Earbuds – Although not really the best-sounding earbuds out there (you would have to refer to brands like Skullcandy for that) the 85% accuracy score of its audio is good enough for all you regular music lovers out there. It has tight, accurate bass, and its eartip options provide better and proper sealing of the ear canal for a better listening experience.  Kevlar-reinforced cables are not something you’d find regularly in other earphones, so if you want durability to be the main strength of your cheap earbuds, then the Freesolo brand is for you.

So, in conclusion, it is really up to you to choose what earphone would literally fit your ear. Not only that, you should also decide for yourself if you want to compensate comfort for quality, or the price value for both. Since the earphone industry is so varied today, you can’t have everything in a particular pair of earbuds. Rest assured, however, that you will find the perfect cheap earphones for you-you just have to look in the right places.


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