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Music is nothing without good earphones so Decor your ear with colorful music.
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I am a man of music who remains in music Sixteen hours a day, even when I am going to sleep I use my soft versions of metal songs with my earphones on. Having a good soft music relaxes my brain cells and sometimes it's like relaxing into the lap of God. 
If you have been alive in the last 10 years, and have been going out of your house during the last few years, and have been communicating with society also at that span of time, chances are, you have encountered an earphone already. I mean, come on? Who doesn’t recognize what an earphone is? It’s a staple accessory for every mobile phone, and it is used everywhere, even with some high tech equipment. Earphones are integral to our daily technology as much as food is necessary for our survival. I cannot begin to imagine a digital world without earphones. It just wouldn’t make sense.
IF you want to get technical about it though, I can give an accurate description of an earphone for you. According to Wikipedia, earphones are actually a pair of tiny loudspeakers that are being held up really close to the ears so that you can listen to music from sources such as the iPod, an amplifier, a radio tuner, or a CD player. And that is quite about it. Truthfully, an earphone is just a variation of a headphone – headphones usually are large and stick outside the ears, while earphones are fitted inside the ear canal, which is actually quite convenient.
Earphones usually are bundled with music devices, which means they can be found anywhere and are relatively inexpensive.  They are now extremely popular more than ever, and is chosen over traditional headphones due to portability and because it gathers less attention to the user. However, because it’s just placed outside of the ear canal, it doesn’t fully envelope the ear, allowing some outside noise to interfere with the sound of the earphones. That’s why it is best to use earphones at high volumes because high volumes will muffle out all external sounds, but it is advised that earphone users should be careful because listening through earphones at very high volumes can increase the risk of hearing loss.

Advantages of Earphones

Earphones have very numerous advantages as a hearing device. First, it offers privacy. If, for example, you don’t want anyone to listen to your iPod’s music, or you want to rock it out on your own, a pair of earphones will always come in handy.
Secondly, earphones prevent any sort of public disturbance. If you’re in a library, for example, and you want to listen to your CD player but don’t want to disturb students that are studying, an earphone is a quick and easy solution to do that.
Also, did you know that earphones have greater sound fidelity over loudspeakers of similar quality? That is because earphones do not have the need to conduct room correction sound treatments as the sound goes directly into the ear. Therefore, earphones produce better-quality sounds than other kinds of sound devices.
Not only that, earphones are the cheapest kind of headphones around. Cheap earphones can be bought anywhere at a few dimes a dozen, and while it’s easily breakable, you won’t really miss it. You can buy cheap earphones over the internet, and you can avail of really neat designs for cheap earphones as well.
Headphones, in general, are used for video gaming, especially those that use 3D positional audio. They can perceive whenever an opponent or a location is near by listening to footsteps or strange sounds that might indicate the 3D virtual position of the game.
In general earphones are the best kinds of headphones on the market. You can find cheap earphones anywhere, and you can carry it with you all the time, thanks to its portability. Earphones are the perfect accompaniment for all kinds of music players.

Disadvantages of Too Cheap Earphones

Thought:- Don't buy too cheap earphones just because they look cool. They leak, they sound rubbish plus they barely block out that the noise that the outside world at all. If you can recall or remember they don't last longer then maximum 3months so why not invest your hard earned money on good quilty earphones.
Whether you’re looking for replacement earphones for your iPhone or iPod, wireless phones for running or exercise, or noise-canceling earbuds for those long trips in a plane, you have many choices. In fact, the sheer number of products available makes narrowing down your choice difficult. Listed below is a summary of the various types of earbuds and earphones.
There are actually several styles of headphones/earphones and there can be confusion about the nomenclature because different terms have different meanings, depending on the individual. Listed below is a summary of the various classes of earphones.
you need attention and concentration, what is the right way to do that, to bring that kind of attention level in life, its simple its called Music. 
I believe in high BPM ๐Ÿฅ music....if you know what is a high BPM Music cool but for those who don't know what is a BPM is BPM Means Beats Per Minute ๐ŸŽธ 
Here are the list of songs to boost your mood, listening to these songs for 10min before you start your day or before your workout begins.. and if possible keep it on in the gym....
Another thing to keep in mind using the right earphones or headphones ๐ŸŽง can improve your focus level, the main reason for using a  good earphone is because of the high quilty sound output and Noise canceling.
If I talk about the earphones I would recommend Apple Earphones ๐ŸŽง trust me they are perfect for a clean sound with high bass,, Apple has really worked hard to achieve this kind of output setup for our ears๐Ÿ‘‚ and they are mind-blowing, the curves of the earphones are perfect for all ear๐Ÿ‘‚. In my experience and knowledge after using apple earphones for almost 5 years, Apple has remedied these sums with the earpod headphones. 
Apple EarPod Design:- The Apple EarPod headphones utilize a hybrid design that sits halfway between a pair of earphones such as that the old Apple Earphones and an IEM style pair such as the Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone (Black)
Apple Earphones
Apple earphones IEMs devices which means in-ear monitors mainly used by musicians for live recording or listing to personal tracks list.

Earbuds, Earbud Headphones Headphones, Earphones,

  • Earbuds- Earbuds generally refer to the small cushiony tipped devices that either fit at the opening of the ear canal, or in some cases inside the ear canal.
  • Earbud Headphones- Just another name for earbuds
  • Headphones -  Generally refer to the style of headphones where the two speakers are attached to a common strap that fits over the head when worn. The speakers themselves fit entirely over the ear in the traditional DJ headphone style configuration.
  • Earphones- I have found that this term is tossed around rather loosely and can either refer to earbuds or headphones.

Types of Earbuds/Headphones

  • Noise canceling
Noise canceling is a specific technology where external noise is sensed and then an opposite signal is generated, thus canceling the noise. This feature obviously involves more circuitry than the standard headphones; a power supply is needed for the active circuitry, a sensor to pick up the noise and a signal generator to make the ‘opposite” sound. In reality, this technology works well if the noise is somewhat constant like the hum of a plane cabin, and is less effective when the external sound is dynamic in nature. Obviously, in order to implement this technology well, there is a significant cost involved. This is why we always recommend the passive option of the noise isolating type earbuds described below first.
  • Noise isolating
The idea behind noise isolating earbuds and earphones is to simply block the ambient noise from entering the ear canal. This is achieved by creating an acoustically tight seal between the listening device and the ear canal in the case of earbuds, and the between the speaker and the ear in the case of earphones. Some have difficulty with the sensation of pressure that these tight-fitting designs rely on to work properly.
  • Wireless
Wireless earbuds or sometimes called Bluetooth earbuds are just as they sound-wireless. These are often preferred by listeners that are physically active such as in a gym environment are jogging. Success with these units is mixed, depending on the product and the intended use. If you are interested in this type of earbuds, it pays to thoroughly read reviews of buyers and benefit from their experience.
  • Best iPod headphones
Many owners of iPods and mp3 players are very pleased with the quality of their players, but feel the default phones fall short of the mark. For as little as $20, it is possible to find a number of headphone sets that will greatly enhance both the listening experience and comfort. In fact, there are a number of cheap earphones in the marketplace that deliver excellent sound quality.

Natural Architecture of Your Ears

They're made of unyielding hard, white plastic that's curved to sit snugly in that the ear slot just above, just above the earlobe. Wed imagine Apple thinks of those as in-ear headphones for those who really do not like in-ear headphones. Unlike a rubber tipped IEM earphone, there's no seal made with the ear canal, and consequently, they feel much less invasive than appropriate isolating earphones.
They efficiently use that the natural architecture of your ear that the cartilage to keep that the earphones in place and do so more efficiently than a traditional shape earbud. As with a traditional earbud, though, that the exact nature of that the match depends on your ear shape.

And too much fiddling about will cause ear discomfort in that the warfare of cartilage against hard plastic, your ears have no chance. These are headphones which are tuned to deal with a few leakages. While they sound best with a partial seal in place, such as Apple Earphones that the sonic equation is based on letting some of that the middle range sound that the pilots produce float away to the air. Crucially, however, this has been diminished since the sound flow is a lot more cautiously directed towards the ear canal than a vanilla earbud. 
Note:- Nevertheless, technically the Apple earphones are much closer to a pair of earbuds than a pair of IEM earphones. You will also notice a small grill door on the side of every earpiece. This vent lets the air and also to an extent that the sound flow more freely through the earphone. With all of these oversized vents punching holes in that the plastic outer wall, you may Guess the Apple EarPods do not offer great sound isolation. And you'd be right. These headphones offer marginally better insulation compared to traditional Apple Earphones but are far from an enormous improvement. The extra directionality of that the sounds passage means it can deal with that the intrusion of ambient noise more efficiently they are harder to drown out, but you may still hear pretty much everything that's going on around you unless your music is blasting. Passing vehicles, train announcements and the such as will all be audible. Whether now this is an excellent or very bad thing is up to you.


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