10 Ways To Have A Safe And Fun Halloween

The history of Halloween may be rooted in fear and scaring away the evil doers with tricks, but that doesn’t have to be how you celebrate it. In modern times, it is about having a little fright, a little candy, and a lot of fun. Keeping it that way is everyone’s responsibility so let's take a look at how to stay safe while having fun during Halloween:

Trick-or-treat during daylight hours – Nighttime is scarier but it is also a time of greater safety risk. If you have small children, start your journey around the neighborhood well before dark. This ensures that you will be on the home stretch as the sun goes down.
Drive the route – If kids want to go out after dark, chauffeur them around in your car from house to house. Small legs won’t get tired and you can keep tabs better.
Examine all candy first– Before the first piece is eaten, inspect all wrappers for pin holes and any candy that is half wrapped or not wrapped at all. Discard any candy that looks homemade unless you got it from someone you know well.
Stay on the doorstep - When kids go out in groups, remind them not to step any further into the home than the front step. Even friendly looking neighbors may be strangers and precautions need to be taken. You can not be sure your friendly neighbor is the one home to answer the door.
Carry flashlights – Kids and teens that go out at night should be aware of possible dangers such as obstacles in yards and potholes in streets. Stick to the sidewalks, but if you do have to cross the grass, use a flashlight to guide you away from potential hazards.
Use good judgment – When out with a group of friends, the goal is safety and fun. If they want to egg people’s cars and homes, toilet paper trees, or any other mischief, don't go along with them. Parents and kids should talk this through before the big night so you already have a plan in place to resist peer pressure.
Stick to sidewalks – Even in your neighborhood, sidewalks is safer than walking in the road. Take a route where you face traffic so you can get out of the way of oncoming cars. 
Use lights for pumpkins – It is eerie to use a candle but they can fall over and catch something on fire. Especially for parties, use flickering battery-operated bulbs for jack-o-lanterns and window illumination.
Wear costumes with full movement and vision – Oh, I know those masks are cute, but if they obstruct your child's peripheral vision, don't let them wear it. The same goes for tight dresses that restrict walking. If your child is in danger of tripping or not seeing oncoming traffic, choose a different costume. 
Wear light-colored costumes – Choose a costume with glitter, sparkle, and light colors for trick-or-treating. You may even want to attach some reflective tape to your child's costume. You may be watching for cars and assume the car coming sees you because you see it. That's an assumption that can not and should not be made.

As you prepare for Halloween, remember that staying safe is the first priority. Once you're safe, you can start having fun!


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